Why is OOH effective in today’s world?


Why is OOH effective in today’s world?

It’s no surprise that traffic is getting worse and traffic congestion is a common occurrence. Drivers spend at least 10% of their time in congested traffic on a daily basis – while travelling to and from work via the same route during the dreaded rush hour. This is actually good news for outdoor advertisers! Drivers stuck in this traffic and eyeing all the billboards brings a high volume of viewers for your billboards. That’s why, a strategic OOH advertising purchase can guarantee you the audience you wish. You know for sure that your billboard cannot be ignored by people – in that traffic – at that time – everyday!

The traffic numbers continue to rise and more and more advertisers continue to take advantage of the situation. 

Where are your audience

Audience fragmentation continues to increase. Essentially, division of the audience into small groups due to the wide spectrum of media outlets – gies audience more choices for where to go for information and entertainment. This makes it less likely that they see the ad that you place. While this is true for advertising on TV or radio, but not for outdoor advertising. TV and radio are places where you can not opt out of ads. Even online, a single page of content features multiple ads. Outdoor advertising on billboards and other media is no competition for these. There is no way to audience and turn off or opt out of an outdoor ad. Audience has enough time to consume the ad without being distracted by any other. This gives outdoor ads a better assurance of your audience’s attention.

Data for measurement

When it comes to outdoor advertising, it is commonly perceived that there will not be too much data for analytics. What and how to measure is always a challenge. However, information on traffic patterns enables you to estimate the highest percentage of people and an estimate of your target audience. Further the location of the ad also helps you interpret the effectiveness of the campaign. Click through rates for online ads does not accurately tell whether the audience was right or not. It’s difficult to tell who exactly saw it. Location based OOH ads provides some assurance that the local audience will definitely see it. 

Influence of technology

Well, even billboards are not far from technology. There are a huge number of digital billboards that can feature more than 6 – 7 ads at a time. The uniqueness of these billboards is that you can make changes to the ad at any time – without major delays in posting it again for your audience to see! They are more engaging than plain posters too!

Outdoor advertising continues to improve and stay relevant even in today’s digital age. It is an effective means of marketing and has stayed relevant even in changing times!


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