Using OOH to ramp up real estate business

Using OOH to ramp up real estate business

Using OOH to ramp up real estate business

It is a known fact that an estimated 44% of aspiring home-owners now locate potential properties through the Internet. This encourages real estate owners and agents to increase their online marketing spend. However, it is also a known fact that Real Estate is a highly local business. Tapping into the local customer base is much easier with a highly localized approach. Along with digital, traditional OOH has its own charm in the local markets.

When used as a part of an integrated marketing plan, OOH Advertising helps target local markets optimally. OOH serves as an eye-catching and engaging channel that can optimize the reach of brands within a target area. Traditional billboards are particularly effective as they do not require brands to share advertising space with other brands and are prominently placed at strategic locations within a specific area.

Around 71% of the customers absorb messages that are featured on roadside billboards and the estimated engagement rate is 16% overall. This suggests that customers are inclined to interact with OOH more – as it is in a more natural and non-intrusive setting. It is clear that OOH enables real estate agents to influence targeted customers while also optimizing brand awareness.

Here’s how OOH can help the real estate industry:

Timing is everything

When it comes to Real Estate Advertising, timing is everything. Customers do not buy a home frequently. It’s a once or twice a lifetime occurrence. Being able to capture buyers in a particular area ensures that you get the attention of the right people at the right time. It’s easy to use location, demographics and interests of target buyers. So, when is the right time to place your real estate ads? Well, around spring time is the best to advertise properties, partly because of better weather conditions and buyers are out – with their family and kids. Summer vacations are approaching – and – it’s that time of the year when families tie down their move-in date! In reality however, advertising for real estate is an all year round phenomenon.

Where to advertise is just as important as when

Real estate is all about the local market. It is a geographically targeted business. Real estate agents truly understand the area surrounding the real estate they are selling. So, advertising in and around the area where the local buyers frequent everyday is a good beginning. Where to advertise? The answer is – exactly where your customers are!

Millennials have changed the marketing realm for real estate

Demographics are a significant factor for real estate. As of today, the rise of the millennials as the single largest segment of the home-buying market is certainly an important factor to consider. Millennials now comprise 32% of the total home buying market, and are officially part of the largest single segment.the spending power of millennials is also growing. Even though millennials are born into the digital age, they are more receptive to OOH as they do not respond well to intrusive and saturated marketing. In comparison to the ads saturation in digital platforms, OOH seems more authentic and believable. With digital, it’s really difficult to filter out ads that are authentic or spam.

Not only do OOH Ads Influence Buyers in an effective manner, but are also non-intrusive. They are right there in front of your buyer’s eyes. They are a crucial part of real estate ad campaigns – even when as a part of an integrated marketing plan!

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