Tips to maximize your billboards exposure

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Tips to maximize your billboards exposure

How to maximize your billboard’s exposure

It is very difficult for people to ignore your billboard ad. It’s right there – it gets registered whether you want it or not. That’s why billboards and hoardings are still considered one of the most powerful means of advertising and reaching out to the masses. The large size and the placement of these billboards are meant to boost the exposure for your brand. Depending on your marketing strategies, select the billboard location and placement such that it works best for your business and the people you are trying to target to.

Here are a few pointers to select the right billboard so that your ad gets maximum exposure.

Billboard on the right is better than left

When it comes to billboards, a right hand read is always better than the left. Try to buy a billboard on the right side of the road. These types of billboards are closer to the viewer and so much more easier to read. The left hand reads are across several lanes of oncoming traffic and completely lowers the visibility.

The lower the better

Most commonly, billboards are around 20 feet above the ground. The further away from the ground you are, the fewer views your billboard receives. It harder to read the message on a 100 ft. billboard.

Look for long read

This gives your billboard a 6 to 8 seconds of uninterrupted view. Especially if placed on a curve, a billboard will get maximum views as it faces straight down the road at an approaching driver.

Consider the lighting factor

If you are placing your ad on a billboard for casinos, gas stations, hotels, pubs and restaurants, lighting is crucial. Select a lighted billboard to target the after dark travellers to these places.

Avoid blocked view

Billboard views are sometimes blocked by vegetation. A good billboard with a blocked view is a bad investment. So, if you are advertising nationally, and selecting a billboard either online or remotely, make sure that you ask for a video of the surroundings.

Analyze the impressions or circulation data

Most of the outdoor advertising companies provide statistics about weekly impressions that are usually based on eye tracking technology. This helps determine how many people passed the billboard each week and were most likely to have seen it.

Make sure that you select the right billboard to make the most out of your outdoor advertising campaigns!

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