Technology and Out-of-Home Advertising


Technology and Out-of-Home Advertising

The shift from print ads to digital advertising has led some mediums scrambling to adjust. Outdoor media is traditionally print media. While many print media have lost their charm, Out of home media is still maintaining its place – even in this highly digitized world. Well, out of home advertising has seen a steady growth and has adapted to the digital era in a number of ways. Today, outdoor media consist of digital sign boards and interactive ads. Well, the billboards booking process which used to be cumbersome traditionally, is now simplified – digitally.

There are other components responsible for the growth of OOH advertising too. OOH is dependent on physical locations for advertising with the advantage that people cannot click away or turn off the ad. It’s fixed inventory places an increase in the demand and the value. The potential views are impacted by the number of people out of home. Well, it’s a known fact that most people are out of home for more than 70% of the day. Further the billboard capabilities today are far more than mere pictures that are full size and boards that are sky high. 

The impact of digital advertising on OOH

The impact of technology is not merely on digitizing the ads on the billboards. Today, digitization has impacted the outdoor advertising industry in many ways. Right from researching the billboards, to booking, creating digital ads and determining the ROI and success of the campaign – everything is digitized. 

Here’s what is digitized in OOH and working wonders:

  • Finding the right location for your ads is now a few clicks away with platforms like Squiboo.
  • Checking availability and booking hoardings is now an online thing as opposed to the cumbersome process of contacting ad agencies, negotiating prices and booking manually.
  • Ad selection could be a printed ad or a digital ad (depending on the hoarding you choose).
  • Digital ads give you the advantage of shifting through a number of messages in one ad.
  • You can even get statistics for your ad campaigns by various other means like analyzing the traffic density at the particular location, checking the impact on sales during the period the ad was running – etc.

The possibilities are endless – with outdoor advertising going digital in every way, the industry is seeing a steady growth too. 

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