Out of sight IS out of mind! OOH is the answer

Out of sight IS out of mind! OOH is the answer

Out of sight IS out of mind! OOH is the answer

Outdoors offers businesses with a creative canvas for advertising. The natural beauty and the larger than life ad – is perfect for brands to trigger people’s imaginations. It is an opportunity to see things in a new way and make people see it too. It can, not only attract attention, but also create memorable experiences for audiences – if done right. Brands however need to be consistent in their outdoor marketing efforts. People spend a lot of time out of their homes. If your marketing campaigns are broken and there is a long interval between campaigns, the ‘out of sight – out of mind’ effect takes place. Unless you are a very well-known brand, your brand will be forgotten!

Well, here’s why OOH is so powerful and here’s why it should be taken full advantage of:

Outdoors cannot be turned off

Unlike television or web advertisements, outdoor ads or billboards cannot be turned off. It’s right there – in front of your eyes. It’s not going anywhere and you simply look at it consciously or unconsciously. The outdoor ads with the right message and graphics can easily register in people’s minds and ultimately drive people to your business.

It’s not only about awareness any more

Outdoor ads are perceived to be more of an awareness campaign. People look at your ads and know about the existence of your business. Actual sales and actual business happens in-store. Well, outdoor ads are more powerful than that. They are a means to drive customers through the doors. Statistics show that outdoor campaigns are more effective than some of the online campaigns too.

Costs vs gains

Like digital ads costs are directly related to the ‘click throughs’ that the ad gets. The advertisers can estimate exactly how much they will spend and set the budget. Gains are measured in terms of the number of clicks and conversions are then calculated. How can all this be done for outdoor ads? Well, or outdoor ads, there are a number of factors that are used to calculate the ROI. For example, the density of traffic, the time of the day and the corresponding sales figures. We have a detailed article about it here.

Well, outdoor advertising is powerful and businesses need to focus on consistently putting out customer centric messages out there. This means that there is an ocean of opportunities with outdoor ads. You can instantly grab some for your business. All you need to know and book your outdoor spaces for advertising is available on www.squiboo.in!


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