OOH Industry in the Post-Pandemic World – the new abnormal

OOH industry in the post pandemic world

OOH Industry in the Post-Pandemic World – the new abnormal

The world has paused – but just for a while. Difficult times will not last forever. There is no denying that the pandemic has affected everyone.      But, even in the face of lockdown, businesses feel that outdoor advertising will definitely make a strong come back. Even during the lockdown the content on the billboards has changed according to changing times. While some billboards remain blank, some reflect messaging that is empathetic to the healthcare workers and thank them for their support. OOH (out-of-home) industry will definitely show a significant rise after the lockdown is called off. Here’s why:

More people will want to be outside

When we exit the outbreak, the time spent outside will definitely be way more than ever. Right now everyone is cooped up at home. Most of the public places are off limits. Outdoor and social places are shut down and locked down. People scurry off from initially known crowded places with fear of ending up with a cough or a sneeze. But when it’s all over, people are going to be eager to go out – even more than they used to. People will go their usual routes and hang out at their usual places and finally see the sunshine – out of home!

Some businesses will be eager to advertise

Some of the categories will be eager to begin advertising. Especially those who haven’t been advertising on television and mobiles or digital – either due to cost limitations or otherwise will now be more willing to spend on outdoor ads. Some businesses will see a boost from outdoor ads too.

How people’s behavior changes will affect OOH

Recoiling from months of being locked down indoors, people will go outdoors desperate to be entertained. Indoors, people have been looking for apps to keep them entertained, calm and engaged. Kid’s apps also saw a surge. Advertising for these apps will see a surge once the lockdown is over. These apps will definitely get more traction with outdoor advertising.

People will need online means of booking billboards

Even now or later – in this contactless world, booking billboards online will be one of the best things that the OOH industry will receive. The ability to view the location on a map, to check the availability and to add it to the cart and pay for it online too! You can check out www.squiboo.in to understand how billboards and outdoor advertising works and how to buy a billboard online.

All businesses will want the word out

During the lockdown, let’s face it, everybody lost some money. In order to make more money, businesses will need to invent in marketing again. Re-opening businesses post-pandemic will require them to put the word out. Outdoor ads serve as one of the best options to get this kind of awareness – soon.

Outdoor advertising has always been at the heart of the advertising industry. Getting the word out or driving customers to your store or website has always been easier with outdoor ads.

We understand that things are hard, things will never be normal – while businesses adapt a new ‘abnormal’, they will also be more open to marketing and advertising options to get the word for their business out. #OOH will be back – soon – post pandemic!

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