OOH for web based businesses

ooh for web

OOH for web based businesses

It’s a common perception that outdoor advertising on billboards and hoardings is for local businesses to gain traction with their audience. When we think of OOH, we imagine big brands too. But, completely web based businesses – hardly cross our minds. Especially in today’s times, when driving awareness for your business is essential, OOH is becoming an option for virtual companies too – like web based companies.

How can outdoor advertising help web based companies?

It’s a tried and tested fact – outdoor ads are the primary drivers for customer actions. Outdoor ads are also one of the means for driving brand awareness. It’s known that after seeing a billboard, people are more likely to visit the business’ Facebook page or website. More than half of the adults who see a billboard later on search for the company online, and if there is a coupon or a discount mentioned on a billboard, more than 60% of those who saw it will avail the offer when they receive it in mail or on their phones. Web based businesses are gaining traction and building brand awareness using billboard advertising to drive traffic to their website or web business.

Stronger bond with a physical presence

Outdoor ads have the ability to bring your brand into the space where people live, work and go about their daily lives. The physical presence of the business imprints on the minds of users and creates a stronger bond in the physical world – even if your business is online. It helps your audience make a unique connection in with your brand. They gain an awareness even when they are not on their computers.

Avoiding a saturated market

Online marketing is a busy place. It’s almost already saturated. Everyone is using it – all day – 365 days and online advertising is overflowing with digital ads. With so much saturation, it’s difficult to make your company stand out. With a physical OOH ad – as a complement to the digital advertising, your brand get the extra attention as compared to those who don’t choose OOH for digital companies.

You cannot click away

With online ads it’s easy to click on the cross at the top right corner and click away. Even before the user has consumed the content of the ad, the ad gets closed. Even in the Facebook feed people scroll so fast that people could miss out on reading your ad. OOH ads cannot be missed, or closed or scrolled away!

Well, people are slowly moving out of homes and getting back to their routine travels – OOH is gaining more traction than ever before. This means that whether you are a virtual company or a local business, OOH is one way to gain brand awareness and traction that your business requires.


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