OOH for Travel Agencies

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OOH for Travel Agencies

Thanks to the growth of the internet, and the proliferation of travel mobile apps, customers have access to some of the most efficient means of researching their travel plans via travel booking platforms. The approaches to booking travel have changed and customers do most of the planning themselves – therefore are less reliant on the agencies to plan their itineraries and stay plans.

According to a Forbes research, around 74 percent of customers prioritize experiences over products. It’s probably no surprise that preference for experience over products have grown. The experience economy has become a mainstream aspect of our lives. To reach these natively digital customers, that are steeped in the experience economy, travel companies are also focusing on brand building by providing memorable experiences – they share views of a beautiful city, or a luxurious beach – rather than concentrating on the product – like the flight or the hotel room.

Out of home media is one of the most efficient means to offer larger than life experiences to customers and capture their attention to beautiful destinations!

OOH helps brand building through focus on customer experiences

Brands today need to optimize their first part of their customer journey. The awareness and familiarity phase is essential to influence the purchasing decisions. Exemplary experiences at this phase can drive more customers to your business. OOH media like life size hoardings and billboards that display images of beautiful, exotic destinations definitely make an impact. Beautiful imagery along railway stations and on city transit too – can help create the initial buzz.

Providing relevant content in the right location

Even with the best ad campaigns and eye catching creatives and imageries, how do you know that your target audience is seeing it? Travel companies – especially those are purely online, need to connect with their audience at the right time and right location. OOH media offers relevant content to relevant audiences. Showing authentic imagery and information that fits in with their daily lives. Along with that, brands can display their online platforms, and showcase the ease to book tickets on the billboards too. Currently running flight offers, or hotel discounts for booking in advance etc. can be showcased on the hoarding – be sure – it will be noticed!

OOH plays a vital role in getting the message to your audience

As online platforms continue to grow in the travel and tourism industry, the need for advertising grows. When customer experiences matter, the ad campaigns you run must offer the most exemplary experiences. Something that draws the attention of their dreams and fantacies. The larger then life imagery offered by out of home media – gives customers exactly this! Further, OOH is right in front of your eyes – you cannot ignore a dream as big as that!


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