OOH for the Entertainment Industry

ooh for entertainment

OOH for the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has seen major  changes in the past decade. While streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Videos etc. have made an entrance in the OOT market (Over The Top) market, they have certainly not managed to change the desire for blockbusters and the production of traditional cinema. Global cinema revenues continue to rise at 15% and seem to rise consistently.

Clearly, the competition is fierce and standing out from the crowd to sell a particular TV show or movie to the audience requires something extra too. Many advertisers turn to OOH (Out Of Home) media as it is one of the advertising media that is proven to deliver a huge reach at a rapid rate – especially during the narrow window for promotional activity.

Here’s how the entertainment industry is using Out Of Home (OOH) media to promote their shows or cinema:

To stand out during release

OOH engages the audiences when they are active, and this makes it a great environment for one-off activations that capture people’s imaginations, create a buzz and drive people to view the media. The entertainment industry has always taken this opportunity to trigger interest and engage their audience with larger than life – engaging – ads on billboards and hoardings. This directly or indirectly impacts the box office performance of the movie.

Ads in the outdoors – malls

Whatever the time of the year – malls are always packed with people. With 94% of the 18-35 year olds flocking to the malls and shopping centers, OOH media in and around malls is a definite opportunity to create a buzz pre-release. Especially the GenZ who are tagged with being the ‘digital’ generation, are observed to be more keen on visiting the stores to ‘try’ and ‘buy’ stuff. Many think it’s a better experience. Well, the malls are a great place to begin your outdoor advertising.

Great audience experiences

Looking at something grand and glamorous creates an imprint on the minds of the audience. Movies, TV shows or Streaming shows – all can showcase their pre-release ads on billboards and hoardings and gain the initial traction they wish. 

OOH presents the entertainment business with the right media for showcasing and attracting their audience. As times change the OOH industry has also provided the entertainment industry with innovative means of showcasing ads with glamorous lighting effects and digitized versions of the ads. The entertainment and OOH industry has always had a close relationship and will continue to be as long as each one has innovation to offer the other. 


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