OOH for Restaurants and Quick Serves


OOH for Restaurants and Quick Serves

It’s loud and larger than life – and if the design is clever, it works wonders – OOH still remains as one of the most powerful means of advertising. Especially for local businesses such as restaurants and quick serves. Mostly the argument is – most of the restaurants and quick serves today depend on mobile apps for everything from reservations to deliveries. Technology already gives a big boost to the local restaurants and adds to the revenue. Then how can investing in outdoor media help? Well, the seemingly archaic billboards are still very effective for driving customers through those doors.

So why are billboards a savory choice for quick serves and restaurants?

It drives local traffic

Most people do not decide where they’re going to eat until just before they do. This is why billboards are great for those who are out and deciding to eat. On highways, drivers can instantly see which restaurants or quick serves are in close proximity. If TV ads can make you buy stuff, then imagine the power of a life size and larger than life billboard!

It drives mobile traffic

Well, billboards are not just for traffic that drives by. Or for physical locations. These billboards can be used to drive traffic to your mobile apps too. For example, if you see an ad on a billboard about a discount on a particular restaurant or take away, you are more likely to actually avail that code when you purchase via mobile and see the same offer. The billboard drives more people to use the mobile app to order quickly – with a discount – resulting in happier customers. 

It gives location data for analytics

Many are concerned that the physical nature of billboards does not give enough information about the success or failure of the ad campaign. However, the location and the traffic density and such other data are readily available to ensure that the billboard’s ROI can be calculated.

Stay in budget

Whenever considering any advertising campaign, the costs are always a very important deciding factor. Small and local chains do not really have the budget and not everyone can spend on advertising as the big guys. Outdoor ads are surprisingly affordable and can be placed for a long duration of time. You can decide the time to display your ad at a particular location for as long as you want.

Many times, digital ads that cover content you are reading or that pop up while you are playing a mobile game. Well, outdoor ads are more interesting than annoying. They attract the right kind of attention for your brand. 

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