OOH for Luxury Brands


OOH for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands sell dreams. Their products or services are the aspirations of many. Marketing these products and services require a grand ‘show’ of their offerings. Well, what better than outdoor advertising to display luxury products!

Outdoors makes a ‘statement’

When people are out shopping, they are lured by luxury boutiques, entertainment complexes and other things – usually in pursuit of an ideal lifestyle. Although there is a temptation to think that the masses are striving for the basics and luxury is just that – luxury and people dream of it every day. Outdoor ads are perfect for luxury brands – they offer a huge canvas for painting the hopes and dreams of millions of commuters.

Luxury brand spending on outdoor advertising is slowly but steadily increasing. People respond to ads that show them that things could be better than they are now. Watches, jewelry, fashion clothing, leather goods and shoes – all of these products are something people ‘want’ – to feel good – they aren’t necessities.

Here are a few things to consider for outdoor advertising for luxury goods:

  • Local residents that make up the traffic around your outdoor ad are the ones that are looking to make luxury purchases
  • Tourists that visit your city are especially looking for luxury services like spas etc. This is a segment that should be kept in mind while creating the ad.
  • Think about everyone who will be exposed to your ads while creating the ad campaigns.

Millennials are changing the luxury market

45% of the millennials are already a part of the luxury goods market. Outdoor luxury brands marketing strategy should change according to these statistics. This is a highly informed, aspirational audience, is perfect for your ads. This is the ‘mobile’ generation too. A big factor here is the role of mobile in consumer behavior. Your outdoor ads should also be planned to drive engagements via mobiles. Outdoor media offers such opportunities too.

Bold, beautiful and larger than life

When brands take extra efforts to make their ads bold and striking – they resonate better with the audience. Selling a luxury lifestyle is made easy with a larger than life canvas to showcase. Celebrity endorsements work well too – most effective in fact.

Locations for luxury brands – malls and airports

With the rising influx of affluent, influencial customers, that desire luxury, it’s a no-brainer for outdoor marketers to advertising in malls and on airports. Populous places are great locations for Outdoor ads for luxury brands.

Outdoor ads has always been a means of reaching out to the masses – doing it right  – with the right strategy for the right product – makes all the difference.


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