OOH for Jewelry Stores – Both Large and Small


OOH for Jewelry Stores – Both Large and Small

At a time when local jewelry stores face fierce competition and online presence seems imperative, the idea of billboard advertising for jewelry stores may seem quaintly retro. Why should a jewelry store venture into advertising out of home? Mainly because, even in this undeniably digital age, traditional out of home (OOH) advertising continues to shine and adapt and the OOH ad spend keeps rising and is expected to rise 3% since last year. Especially luxury brands have long recognized the advantages of OOH advertising for driving greater awareness and delivering a fresh brand image. 

Here’s why jewelry stores must consider OOH for brand awareness:

There’s nothing like driving by a 14 by 48 foot sign with your logo on it – particularly, being a luxury brand, you sell aspirations and dreams – not merely products. Jewelry stores – even today continue to spend over 4% of their total revenue on local advertising. This is among the highest in retail.

Unlike radio, when you are reaching a certain segment of population, either male or female or may be a certain age category, billboards enable you to reach a broader grasp of people. As for the costs? If they seem overwhelming at first, think of how many people will actually see your ad – costs become fairly inexpensive!

Out of home advertising audiences generally travel the same route. Over the course of several weeks, with these same people passing the same billboard, it is difficult to miss! Your billboard will receive more views and your ad will surely be ‘seen’.

Out of Home (OOH) advertisements have a captive audience. They are impossible to miss – people cannot walk down the street with their eyes closed!

Picking a location however, is important for luxury brands. Especially jewelry stores, need to select a great location for the ad that is relevant to the product and the audience.

The time duration of your ad matters too. Running an ad for a minimum of three months to make an impression on a customer’s mind.

In the age of Facebook and Amazon, where digital data is supreme, traditional Out-Of-Home advertising continues to shine and manages to adapt. Among the various markets that are driving the recent growth in the OOH advertising for driving brand awareness, OOH is well suited for luxury brands. OOH has the ability to portray what your brand sells – dreams and aspirations – not merely products!

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