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OOH For Fashion Brands – Squiboo Blog

Glamour, luxury and a larger than life feel – that’s the feeling that fashion brands evoke when we walk past a life-size billboard showcasing their ad. One of the most effective means of grabbing initial attention is a billboard. Yet, we see that many fashion brands are restricting their potential audience to social media users – this is kind of prohibitive when compared to the exposure provided by outdoor advertising channels, which are estimated to reach in excess of 90% of the local population. This usually includes a vast population that is active both online and offline and enables you to reach a vast target market. 

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Then we come to the engagement levels associated with OOH, and particularly channels such as billboards. For example, it’s estimated that 71% of potential customers look at and engage with messages on roadside billboards, ensuring that a vast audience interacts with your brand and its primary messaging. This kind of engagement can be worth its weight in gold – given the saturation of the online marketplace which is fiercely competitive and challenging – especially for new brands to crack and enter. 

Easy Way to Advertise Your Brand

The visual and prominent nature of billboards certainly has an indelible impact on the minds of consumers. It makes public content memorable and shareable across a variety of social media channels too. OOH essentially drives a fair share of online searches and social media activations. According to a Neilsen study, OOH triggers 10% more activations on Facebook and similarly superior rates of 7% and 8% on Twitter and Instagram. Billboards essentially help businesses raise awareness offline before driving increased interaction through a prominent social channel. 

Fashion brands, however, need to be really careful with the imagery they use to market their products. The graphics and photographs that they capture must capture the essence of their brand. OOH advertising with 96 and 48 sheet billboards are ideally suited to achieve this aim by delivering bold and big images to customers.

All this means little if you are unable to execute your OOH campaigns effectively. Here are some of the key points to remember while leveraging outdoor for your marketing campaigns:

Digital or Paper billboards?

In the current climate, it is natural for businesses to select digital billboards, but for emerging brands, this may prove counter-intuitive. Paper billboards offer optimal and extended exposure. Digital billboards often rotate between five or six different messages per minute – enough to grab attention, but not enough to hold the interest for long. Well, paper billboards are cheaper than digital alternatives too. Your overall marketing spends will be optimized. 

Bold visuals and consistent branding

Bold, colourful images and effective brand messaging can truly resonate with your audience. However, ensure that the colours you select and the message you deliver should reflect your brand identity and the tone you use in your branding content across all channels.

Contact information that is relevant to the customer journey

Your ad content must contain your contact information for customers to engage with your brand further. Further, you must direct them to specific channels that could optimize your sales and conversion rates.  Simple things like displaying your website address prominently on the billboard or a direct link to your online store where users can quickly buy from their mobile phones.


OOH advertising channels can add genuine value to fashion brands, particularly small independent outlets that are looking to build awareness. OOH if used effectively as a part of an integrated marketing campaign, optimizes exposure while also driving higher levels of engagement and sales over time.

Image Courtesy:- https://bit.ly/2wOG2lX

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