OOH, a Multichannel Marketing Plan?

OOH, a Multichannel Marketing Plan?

Marketing is an effective tool that promotes and standardizes a brand on a small or large scale. The market has become relatively competitive. India has become a hub of experiments and exploring diverse options. One thing that sets apart an enterprise is its approach toward marketing its product or services that grab attention, add value to customers, and motivate them to think about it.

Marketing over the years has become an entirely different ball game. Multichannel marketing has taken centre stage. A single strategy that can be implemented on other marketing platforms or channels. These channels can be radio, TV ads, articles, pamphlets, door to door marketing, through social media, direct mails or even our traditional OOH (out of home) marketing that includes banners and hoardings.

This kind of approach maximizes the instances to reach the masses through a diverse range of options. Thus increasing the opportunities to interact with potential customers.

OOH, marketing is an integral aspect of the multichannel promotional strategy. The OOH hoarding is vast and designed to portray a story that hits home, an effective and traditional method to make prospective customers relate to it personally. The amalgamation of different channels along with OOH only strengthens and reinforces the objective of the marketing prospect.

In this time and age, technology has influenced every sector. Marketing is no different. The use of various advanced technological grounds and retaining the traditional methods effectively targets both new and the old generations. After all, it’s all about moving ahead with everyone in sync, having the best from the past and fusing it with new features. Digitized hoarding is one of the best examples of this.

To launch a multichannel marketing campaign, several steps to be followed are:

  • The first and foremost step is to identify with the buyer’s persona. It’s all about making each potential customer the critical target with the campaign, as it is communicating with them directly.
  • Choose the channel to begin with, and then optimize the traction and divulge into other mediums.
  • Creating a special message for that persona.
  • Abiding by the rules and strategies of each channel.
  • The most important thing to maintain uniformity across several channels without losing the essence as a whole.

Channeling the essence of the services or products is the main task. Using various channels while maintaining uniformity, creativity and connectivity is a challenge. True to the words that nothing is constant except for change. Learning and incorporating the standards of every evolving marketing benchmark.


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