How to get a great deal on a billboard

How to get a great deal on a billboard

Getting a great deal on anything is usually associated with a price advantage or getting something at a lower price. Well, to be honest, it’s not always about lower prices. A great deal means – getting true value for what you are paying for. 

When it comes to out of home advertising, getting a great deal is a cumulative of a number of factors. It includes finding the right kind of advertising, location, audience, and price of the billboard or transit ad you choose. All these factors are essential to get a great deal or a great return on investment – not the price alone.

Finding a great location

While you may think that targeting the busiest intersections will serve your marketing goals the best, it’s also a good idea to secure a few billboards along a specific stretch of the highway or roadways. Also, take a look at the visibility and ensure that the billboard has the clearest view. Finding a great location is the key to a successful outdoor campaign and it’s the best deal you would ever make.

Finding the type of advertising

Billboards or gantries or kiosks or transit ads? What will you choose? Which has more value? Well, that usually depends on the audience you are targeting. Local businesses get the most out of outdoor advertising. So, restaurants, salons, jewelry stores, car dealers, etc. can get the right people to view your outdoor ads.

Finding the right price

When you find the right location and type of advertising, finding the right price is the next step. Well, you get exactly what you pay for. So, if you have found the right place, check out the pricing options from the advertising agency that owns the rights to the billboard. You can also take a look at online portals such as SQUIBOO – it consolidates all the available billboards and gives you at a glance price for the billboards you are considering well, you can instantly book it online too. 

All your research in one place

For research purposes, it is practically impossible to visit each billboard site and check it out. The view, the location, which side it is facing, etc. Then contact the agencies and get the best quote – it’s a lengthy process. Luckily, the OOH industry is now undergoing transformation too! Imagine all this consolidated into one place – all available billboards from agencies and their location and their view on a map! SQUIBOO is one such platform that consolidates all this information in one place! You can easily search and filter by location, price, and availability of a billboard and book it instantly – online!
So, a great deal on OOH advertising means so much more than a lower price for a billboard. It is essentially – getting the best-fit billboard that serves the marketing purpose of your business.

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