Future of Outdoor Advertising in India

Future of outdoor advertising in India

Future of Outdoor Advertising in India

With the millennials comprising around 65% of the total population of our country, India will soon witness being the youngest nation in the world.  The purchasing power of the Indian youth is also increasing and essentially this marks the dawn of the golden era for the advertising industry and the media campaigners. The outdoor industry is embracing new technologies to grab the attention of this rising customer base and the future of outdoor advertising depends on how well technology is leveraged to make campaigns appealing to the growing youth population.

Here’s what will play an important role in the future of outdoor advertising in India

Geo-fencing Technology

This affordable location-based tool sends texts to smartphone consumers who arrive at a preset geographic location. The billboard advertising can then be integrated with smartphones and effectively generate higher revenues. It helps marketers boost local businesses as research shows that millennials reciprocate better when the ad is niche and personalized to their taste. Geo-fencing accomplishes exactly this goal. It sends timely offers and engages customers with your campaigns in a more effective manner.


Beacons use low energy Bluetooth connections to beam signals to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets and covers a range of around 300 feet. They are used in marketing to enhance brand engagements and drive sales. Beacons are used in OOH advertising in micro-locations and multi-floor constructions such as shopping malls or office buildings.

Digital Billboards

These types of billboards display digital images and videos to showcase ads. The timings and sequence of these images can be set manually. It provides marketers with better flexibility in modifying personalized content more frequently and creates an impact.

NFC (Near-Field Communication)

Near Field Communication or NFC is a band of wireless protocols for communication. It enables devices to share data and provide wireless access like keyless entry. Through NFC, consumers can unlock tags placed on billboards, magazine pages, electronic payment devices, digital signage displays and smart posters like print-based posters. The demography based content will automatically be flashed on their smart devices that include extra offers and information. The layer of connectivity is simple and offers great potential to generate scale. The client takes advantage of each NFC chip as it costs low and customers get access to data like contact info, social media interaction and payment options.

Digital Signage

Digital signage uses technologies such as LED, LCD and projection. It broadcasts content such as videos, digital images, streaming media and data. They are effective in public spots, retail stores, transportation systems, restaurants, hotels and stadiums. These are excellent choices for outdoor advertising as they offer an enriching customer experience. The OOH advertising industry has rapidly advanced and the biggest challenges faced by this industry today would be to offer real-time information on each advertisement so as to improve the effectiveness of each campaign. The future of OOH advertising looks promising with new technology enabling marketers to present their ads in amazing new ways!


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