Billboard Advertising Mistakes that You Can’t Afford

Billboard Advertising Mistakes that You Can’t Afford

Billboard Advertising Mistakes that You Can’t Afford

Outdoor advertising is a crucial part of your marketing mix – along with digital marketing, social media marketing and traditional print. Especially for local brands such as restaurants, jewelry stores, real estate businesses etc., outdoor ads give an extra boost to your brand awareness and to drive local leads. It is essential that you do your research and understand what to do and what not to do while buying a billboard for your outdoor ad campaign. Getting it right ensures you get a return on your investment and mistakes will take your campaign down!

Here are a few mistakes you cannot afford in billboard advertising:

Incorrect positioning – The wrong placement could be the difference between a successful campaign and a not so successful campaigns. If people are unable to see your ad, that’s the end of your campaign. If you want your ad to reach out to the masses, choose an appropriate place for it.

Unclear message – The message in your outdoor ad should be very precise. Make sure that messages are easy to understand and crisp. Even though the size of billboards are huge, that does not mean that you fill it up with your text message. The passersby view the message only for a few seconds – that’s how crisp the message should be.

Not hiring professionals – Many times businesses fail to hire professionals who can create ads for billboards. Outdoor advertising is a different ball game altogether. Right from selecting the right graphics to the right message – makes all the difference. So, hire professionals to do the job and you can avoid getting this wrong!

Not researching online – Even before you plan your outdoor campaign, you need to do some research. The location, the visibility, which side it is facing, the traffic passing by the billboard (or lack of traffic). The availability of the billboard and where do you book it from? Once you have all this data, you can use it to plan your campaign.

Not creating engaging ads – No matter what you do, if your ad is unable to engage your customers long enough for the message to be registered, the campaign will not click off. So, create ads that can capture attention and those that will engage enough to convert.

Being impatient – outdoor ads do not have any precise parameters for measurement of success. You can derive results from the probable traffic and the relative increase in sales, but there is no exact numbers you can rely upon. So, be patient – you will see results in terms of sales.

Outdoor ads are profitable. It’s just about how you plan them. Today, researching the availability, size and location of the billboards have become very easy due to the availability of online platforms such as You can even make your bookings instantly.

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