5 Trends that will Define Outdoor Advertising in 2019

5 Trends that will Define Outdoor Advertising in 2019

The steadfast growth in urbanization and access to better and more accessible technology promotes a better ecosystem for Outdoor advertising. OOH media now, more than ever before continues to foster effective communication between the consumer and the marketer. It encompasses advertising across both digital and traditional platforms. As the market for OOH media continues to undergo disruption and more communication goals are achieved, it ensures that larger ad exposures are possible and higher market penetration is achieved.

In order to achieve all this and more, it is essential that you stay at the top of the latest trends in OOH advertising. Let’s take a look at a few:

Increased digitization

The past couple of years have seen a big boom in outdoor media. With rapid digitization, outdoor advertisers are able to offer businesses with ad spaces that are increasingly responsive and flexible. These kinds of billboards provide audiences with unique and engaging experiences. One of the key things in grabbing attention of customers and influencing purchase decisions is – positive interactions. Dynamic, digital screens offer exactly this. Digital billboards also offer the ability to integrate interactive features, augmented reality screens, gamification and lots more.

OOH is now smarter

Remember the never-ending, exhausting process of buying OOH ad space? Well, things have changed. As billboard owners embrace online market places like Squiboo, the buying process is becoming visibly faster and more transparent. Outdoor advertising needs to be more accessible for businesses to browse options, select location and book their billboards within a few clicks.

Integrating OOH and Mobile Advertising

OOH plus mobile advertising results in better campaigns. Targeting OOH ads to the right location is one of the most important factors. Geofencing involves targeting consumers based on location-based data. This means that those who leave the area after in close proximity of the ad would be able to view the ad on their mobile phones too!

Specialist Digital Signage networks on the rise

Based on the location-based data, specialist networks operate to target ads in specific parts of a city to maximize the impact. While classic billboards have depended on prominence and being in the perfect high footfall location, digital screens are more adept at being part of a network of sites that can be used to reach the same type of consumers at several places in their daily lives. With audience movement data, there are no limits to targeting a niche audience.

Instagram-able Billboards

Instagram-able billboards mean – a form of OOH that is engaging, creative, visually pleasing and has the potential of being shared and streamed. The most exciting aspect about leveraging OOH media is the increasing number of new features and technology that makes availing these facilities easy. 2019 will see more and more businesses relying on online means to book their OOH advertising requirements. This speeds up the process and offers a level of transparency like never before!

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