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OOH Advertising has been one of the most sought after mediums to reach out to the masses. When awareness is the aim, outdoor advertising has become the primary channel to drive it. It provides a larger than life experience to gain attention and offers a 24/7 availability to maximize your brand reach.

Thinking of Outdoor Ads? Think SQUIBOO...

If Out-of-Home Media is a part of your marketing mix, Squiboo brings a whole new way of getting it done! Rather than having to contact different agencies and look for availability of Hoardings & Kiosk Systems, months in advance, Squiboo offers you a quick and easy way of locating the right location for your hoarding, Kiosk or Gantry – and book your ads within a few clicks!

It effectively consolidates all the available hoardings, Kiosks, Gantries and Billboards across your city and highways and plots it on a map for you to see, select and use in your campaigns. Because you have all the information you need @ one place, you save time, energy and a lot of scurrying around. Simply book your hoardings online on Squiboo and get your campaigns going - sooner!