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OOH ... Out of Home and Outdoor Advertising continues to be the most powerful medium for reachingout to your audience - to gain the mileage and visibility for brands big or small.

Squiboo brings new opportunities in urban advertising by being the ONE, go-to PLACE for discovering OOH advertising options available across all the major junctions in all the major cities!

Squiboo consolidates all available options from top advertising agencies in Ahmedabad @ ONE PLACE, offering you a strategic mix of hoardings, kiosks, gantries etc. placed across major public places such as malls, crossroads, buildings and other prime city locations along with the details that can help you find the right match to complement your advertising strategies.


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Unipoles Advertising Services
UNIPOLES Brand Visibility Beyond Compare!

Explore Unipole advertising options that match your marketing strategies.

Kiosks Advertising Services
kiosks Place your brand strategically

Discover new OOH Kiosk Advertising options & reinforce your brand’s presence.

Gantries Advertising Services
Gantries 24/7 brand presence

Search Gantries advertising to complement your marketing plans for constant brand exposure.

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Outdoor advertising has more power to influence buyers! Here are some of our best performing hoardings..